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Sheikh Thafier Najjaar started with The Islamic Council of South Africa (ICSA) in 1981 and is currently the Head of Religious Affairs and Vice-President.

Sheikh Thafier’s commitment to serve, uplift and/or empower the lesser fortunate is unquestionable. He believes that out of the midst of poverty, greatness can come.

Sheikh Thafier holds the following positions amongst other things:

The Imam at Masjidul Mansur in Mountview.; Being an Imam is much more than just a job to Sheikh Thafier. He has over the past twenty seven years developed an affinity with the people of Mountview, Hanover Park and surrounding areas.

A marriage counsellor at the Muslim Assembly and is concerned about the increase of marital problems married couples are experiencing and he will be guiding the ICSA Women’s Group in this regard.

Speaker on RadioSonder Grense on “Islam in Fokus”.

The honorary President and former President of The South African Hajj and Umrah Council,  Director of Dawah, and the Principle of an Islamic School in Grassy Park, Cape Town.


Sheikh Thafier is currently the President of The World Halaal Council (WHC) and his vision for the WHC is to bring together all Muslim Halaal Certifying Bodies to work together and to interact with one another on a professional level.  He desires nothing more than to create awareness of Halaal to non-muslims  and to inculcate Halaal Consciousness to all Muslims worldwide – Insha-Allah.

Sheikh Thafier  also prays that the World Halal Council becomes an International Body recognized  by all Governments especially  by the countries where muslims are the majority.


On the home-front, Sheikh Thafier’s vision for The Islamic Council of South Africa is as follows:

a.    To be involved with the establishing of ICSA Centres like the one at 14 Bellmore Avenue Mountview in Durban and Gauteng and possibly Port Elizabeth.

b.    To serve the lesser fortunate and underprivileged.

c.    To be involved with the Youth Outreach Programme – to facilitate the taking up of key positions within the communities by our youth.

d.    To be involved with the ICSA Women’s Group – to facilitate the taking of their rightful places within their communities and to ensure that the rights that Islam give our women, ARE recognized – Insha-Allah.

e.    To see to fruition the second phase of the ICSA Centre so that the underprivileged and lesser fortunate can benefit from the services that will be offered there.


One of the services will be to provide training on how to become computer literate, as Information Technology is going to be the way of the world and without it, people will be stranded.


Sheikh Thafier is the son of the late Sheikh Abdur  Razaak and Nazeema Najjaar and the grandson of the Great Late Mohamed Saeed Najjaar.

Sheikh Tahfier is married to Jasmina Van Der Schyff and they have four children : Azzaam; Bassaam; Haniem and Ghassam.

Sheikh Thafier studied in Madinah and graduated with a BA Honours in Dawah and studied for his Masters in  Cairo on the Fundamental Laws of Islam. He was also a keen soccer player at the University of Medinah.

Sheikh Thafier’s  inspiring message to us is  “ Do what you have to do, as a Muslim, and when you have done it – do not wait for a thank you” 

Sheikh Thafier himself is inspired by Surah Najm – Verse 39 out of AL-Quran

“ Nothing shall be unto man except what man has striven for”   

Allah Hu Ahlam  and “Allah knows best”