Vision & Mission Statement

//Vision & Mission Statement
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The objects clause of the Constitution reads as follows:

With due regard to the principles enshrined in the preamble and recognizing the authority, integrity and independence of all Muslim organizations and institutions the Council is:-

To be the spokesman of the Muslims of South Africa nationally and internationally.

To protect and/or espouse the rights of all Muslims.

To determine and consolidate Muslim policy and planning and co-ordinate programmes and activities.

To solve and remedy problems of Muslims by consultations, negotiaton and/or arbitration.

To affiliate to or co-operate with International Muslim Bodies in the promotion of Islam.

To hold and to participate in International Seminars, Conferences and discussions on Islamic matters and to make contributions thereto on behalf of the Muslims of South Africa.

To uphold the dignity of man and to work for the implementation of social justice.

To foster love and unity amongst Muslims and all peoples of South Africa.