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Kulthum started with ICSA as a receptionist on June 2003.

Kulthum has been a key role player in getting ICSA where it is today. She has loyally served ICSA through all its various phases.

Kulthum has evolved into becoming the Telephonist/Receptionist/Administrator and Client Liaison Officer and attends to all incoming calls, screening walk-ins and visitors. She takes responsibility for the preparing and printing of certificates for clients.

Kulthum also attends to all queries/requests/complaints of Halaal Certification.


On the personal front Kulthum is married to Fuad Carlie and they have 4 children viz: Mujahid; Mu-attham; Raneem and Ighlaas.

Kulthum is an ardent cook and loves to provide her family and friends with healthy meals. She takes pride in her presentation of food as she believes that when one loves to do something, one tends to do it well.

Kulthum’s inspiring message to us is

“Pursue excellence – should you stumble, let it be to a lofty mountain”