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Maulana Igsaan, started with the Islamic Council of South Africa on 4 May 2009 as an Halaal Inspector .


Ml Igsaan services clients in the City Bowl, Claremont,Mowbray, Paarden Eiland, Gatesville,Bayside Centre in Table View as well as clients in the shopping malls inN1 City,Canal Walk,Kenilworth Centre; Vangate; Kensington;Maitland and Wetton.

Kentucky Fried Chicken; Kauai Juice; Simply Asia andExtreme Kwizeen are just some of the Clients under Ml Igsaan’s supervision.

When studyingan Aalim Course – Ml was always fascinated with the dynamics surroundingmattersonHalaal. So it was a dream come true when he, with the Kudrat of Allah SWT took up the post ofInspector with The Islamic Council of South Africa.

MlIgsaancontinuously seeks knowledge and he feels that every day at work is a learning process. He wants to be of the best, so he believes in giving his best.

For Ml Igsaan his job is not just a job, it is another way to serve the Ummah of Rasullulah SAW and to also to give dawah to non-muslim clients.


Ml Igsaan is married to Wardiyah and they have three children: Ammaarah; Ilyaas and Mu’mienah.

Ml Igsaan completed his Aalim Course at Daarul Uloomunder the guidance of Ml Cassim Sema in New Castle in 1993.

Mlthen went on to teach and lecture on the Arabic language at Uloomul Quran – The Institute for Quranic Studies 1994-2003; At-Tayyibaat Islamic Institute 2003-2007; Darul Uloom Cape Town 2007-2009.

Ml Igsaan was the Emaam for MasjidulRaghmaanRystonRoad, Hanover Park from 2004 to 2006

Currently Ml Igsaan teaches in the afternoon at Manenberg Red River Madrasah. He also delivers Gutbahs at various Masaajids and talks at functions. Sunday mornings Ml Igsaan teaches at Madarasatul Fa-iezeen in Netreg.

Maulana Igsaan’s inspiring message to us is :

“Do your duty with beauty”.

Always be Allah Conscious as Nabi Mogamad SAW said “Fear Allah where ever you are”

Nabi Mogamad SAW also said “Facilitate things to people (concerning religious matters) and do not make it hard for them and give them glad tidings and do not make them run away from Islam” Sahih Vol 1 Book 3 No. 69.