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Dear Sisters In Islam

All Praise to Allah SWT who makes All things possible.

We report that by the Mercy of Allah SWT the soup kitchen held on Wed 13 June 2012 went off well – Allah SWT is indeed Great. Yesterday we witnessed what many people are doing on a daily basis. There are definitely lessons to be learnt. One tend to be both emotional and humbled. And indeed we are eternally grateful to Allah SWT for the things we have in our lives. It makes us realise how privileged we are.

We arrived at Valahalla Park just after 4pm and by 4.28pm the soup was finished. The ladies however did not notice how quick the time was going but indeed how quick the soup was going and how long the qeue still was. But alghamdullilah – there was enough except for perhaps one or two who received a loaf of bread instead.

Insha-Allah, perhaps at our next soup kitchen we can make a little bit more soup.

We thank Allah SWT for the opportunity granted to us yesterday, we thank the people of Valhalla Park for their warm welcome of us and for being the reason that we get to give of ourselves and what we have – for the sake of Allah.

May Allah SWT make it easy for all people who find themselves in dire need.


Our Guest:

The Honourable Sheikh Maher Al-Muaiqly from the Haram of Makkah

We begin in the Name of Allah The Exalted, The Beneficent, The Magnificent.

All Praise and Glory belongs to Allah – Rabb of all the worlds.

Allah SWT – who makes everything possible and who facilitated the Launch of The ICSA Centre on Monday 26 March 2012.

The launch was an all inspiring and awesome event….Allah be Praised.

The Honourable Sheikh Maher-Al-Muaiqly graced us with his arresting presence. One cannot but stand in awe of this Great Scholar of Islam. Sheikh Maher’s demeanour and manner of talking, belies his stature. The Sheikh is both humble and gracious.

Many of us are still taken aback by the opportunity to have met Sheikh Maher face to face, to have listened to his lecture, let alone shaking his hand.

For those of us who have been blessed with the Gift of Hajj, we followed the Sheik in the Holy Haram of Makkah when he lead millions in salaah without seeing him.. and here Allah SWT afforded us this great opportunity to meet him personally at the official launch of the new Islamic Council of South Africa (ICSA) Centre – Allah Be Praised.

The Honourable Sheikh’s talk was on how we as the Ummah should strive to reconnect with the piety, sincerity, loyalty and humbleness displayed by our beloved Rasullullah SAW – the perfect example for any Muslim to follow albeit our youth, men or women. The Sheikh encouraged the youth present to take responsibility for and ownership of Deenul Islam.

The Sheikh spoke about how a person’s character should show that he or she, is a Muslim. He emphasised that to smile is a form of Ibadah and Dawah, and that we should remind ourselves to smile more and frown less.

The Honourable Sheiks also related that our beloved Nabie Mogamad SAW had the ability to deal differently with different personalities. To Rasullulah SAW every person was made to feel like he or she was the most loved…. May Allah SWT grant that we adopt this great characteristic of Rasullulah SAW – Ameen.

He emphasised the need for the Ulema to bring back unity, peace and harmony amongst themselves and their peoples.

The Launch itself:

The Launch was opened with a welcoming speech by Vice President and Head of Judiciary of ICSA, Sheikh, Thafier Najjaar, followed by a beautiful rendition of Surah Israah, by our very own Sheikh Awali Milanzi, an ICSA Inspector based in KZN.

Sheikh Thafier welcomed Sheikh Maher Al-Muaiqly, Sheikh Mohamed Wadee, and the rest of the entourage of the Royal Embassy of Saudi of Embassy Pretoria, the guests, the founder members and the ICSA staff from Gauteng and KZN. Ie Ml Nawshaadh Khan, Ml Awali Milanzi, Hafiz Gulam Ally, Sheik Nizam Dastager, Amir Hazarvi and Ml Ashraf. Sheikh Thafier spoke on ICSA’s vision that encompasses serving the lesser fortunate in terms of affordable medical service, counselling and education.

Talks were given by our esteemed Founder Members, Mr Ismail Kalla and Hafiz Judge Abu Bakr. Both these pioneers delivered talks on the history and background of ICSA and both Mr Kalla and Hafiz Judge Abu Bakr were visibly impressed by the standards set by the ICSA Team – from Sheikh Najjaar, to the Inspectors regionally and nationally, to the ICSA ladies not only on their dress code, but the excellent manner in which they organized the event.

Further talks were presented by the Youth and Ladies of ICSA on their Vision and Mission. Both the Youth and the Ladies intend to with The Koedrat of Allah SWT, involve other youths and women, to serve the lesser fortunate, women in need and the elderly.

A talk was also given by resident architect Brother Abdillah Williams on the Vision of the extension to the existing Centre.

A sterling vote of thanks was done by Mr E O Mohamed, Mr Mohamed thanked everyone involved in making the launch successful. Special mention was made of the team spirit that abounds at ICSA.

Gift :

As a token of ICSA appreciation to Sheikh Maher Al-Muaiqly for having graced us with his presence, a plague was handed over to the honourable Sheikh by Mr Farouk Adams. Mr Adams, another ICSA pioneer, was the first National Secretary for ICSA. A post which he occupied from 1980 to 1991,

Mr Adam’s contribution to ICSA over the years and continues to be, by The Kudrat of Allah SWT, the strict control he exercises over the inspectors, staff and procedures at Head Office in Cape Town. He is a man of note and has a well of knowledge in Halaal Certification. ICSA is blessed to have him.


Then, the closing duah was made by our very own Maulana Igsaan Daniels.

An opportunity and honour that the young Moulana will remember and treasure always.

The cutting of the ribbon by the Honourable Sheikh Maher Al-Muaiqly was symbolic of the sincerity, piety and unity that ICSA is striving for. Sheikh Maher made a beautiful lengthy duah before actually cutting the ribbon.

Yes indeed it was an awesome day – one that will linger with us for a long time.

And now that the dust has settled, we will harness our strengths as together, as a family we forge ahead, quietly, humbly, with determination and passion to continue on this journey of ICSA… For Allah, and Allah Knows.

May Allah SWT accept all the duahs of one and all wishing ICSA all the very best for the future Insha-Allah….Ameen, Ameen, Yaa Rabb.:

ICSA wishes to thank the following people without whom the launch would not have been possible:

Abdillah Williams, Badr Hassan Parker, S A Pansari, Riedewaan Najjaar, Ashraff’s Caterers(Finger Lunch), Mukhtaar Hiring(Marqee/trestles/chairs), Yusuf Safeda(Juice), R Ismail Samaai(Biscuits) A Cader (Invitations),

Founder Members Mr I Kalla & Judge Hafiz Abu Bakr, Mr EO Mohamed, all its Clients, Guests and Staff (Locally and Nationally)

Thank you for your support and your presence at our Launch. IT WAS GREATLY APPRECIATED.

Compiled by : Fatima Phillips

On behalf of the ICSA Family

Tel: 021-6912456

Press Release 29th February 2012

We begin in the Name of Allah SWT, Most Kind Most Merciful. Allah SWT who makes everything possible.

The Islamic Council of South Africa (ICSA)  was  established on 29 September 1975 in Durban and   ICSA Halaal Trust is one of four main service providers in Halaal Certification.  

The first  President of  ICSA was Hafez Aboobakar Mohamed, followed by the late Sheikh Abu Bakr Najjaar . The third and current president is Dr Rashid A M Saloojee.

The Head of Judiciary for Islamic Affairs  for both  ICSA and ICSA Halaal Trust  is Sheikh Thafier Najjaar. Sheikh Najjaar is also the President of the World Halaal Council.

ICSA plays a significant, albeit a low profile role,  in representing the interests of the Muslim Community both within and outside of South Africa. The same stance has characterized ICSA to this day, and  ICSA continues to maintain and strives to foster a culture of unity with authorities and organizations locally and internationally. Our members have contributed greatly to matters concerning the Ummah and we pray that with greater support from all role players, ICSA will be able to play a greater role.

Up until end of December 2011,  ICSA’s offices were in 7th Avenue Athlone.

ICSA has three offices  viz;  Cape Town (Head Office), Durban and Gauteng and a total staff contingent of 22.

Extracts of ICSA’s  Mission Statement which can be found  on their website, reads as follows:

1. To be the spokesman of the Muslims of South Africa nationally and internationally.

2. To protect and/or  espouse the rights of all Muslims

3. To determine and consolidate Muslim policy, planning and co-ordinate programmes and activities.

4. To solve and remedy problems of Muslims by consultation, negotiation and/or arbitration.

5. To affiliate to or co-operate with international Muslim Bodies in the promotion of Islam.

6. To hold and to participate in International Seminars, Conferences and discussions on Islamic matters and to make contributions thereto on behalf of the Muslims of South Africa.

7. To uphold the dignity of man and to work for  the implementation of social justice.

8. To foster unity and love amongst Muslims and all people of South Africa.

The journey for ICSA and its staff has been long and hard but All Praise To Allah SWT, who has endowed  ICSA with a Team of individuals whose endurance, commitment and vision  has brought ICSA to where it is today..  

The new ICSA centre will be launched on Monday 26 March 2012 at 10.30am at 14 Bellmore Avenue , Mountview.  It is a double storey building, with offices on both floors.

The programme for the launch includes guest speaker, the Honorable,  Sheikh Maahir Muaqili from the Gharam of Makkah. Sheikh Maahir will also deliver a lecture on Monday night 26 March 2012 badal  Eeshaa at Masjid Al Munsoor in Mountview.

Sheikh Najjaar and his team are very excited about their new premises as they hope that this “Red Beacon” will serve its primary purpose and that is,  to serve the less fortunate and under privileged –  Insha-Allah

ICSA’s intention for Phase 1:

To partially subsidize the following ventures:

1.   The establishing of “The Women of ICSA” – serving the community. The ladies have had their inaugural meeting on 5 May 2012 and is busy formalizing, their vision, their constitution and their purpose.

2.   The ICSA Outreach Programme for Youth – the youth will come together and brainstorm as to how best they can serve the Ummah on matters such as the elderly who find themselves at old age homes and they will also get involved with the education and upliftment of Madaris  and Masaajids. The aim is that these youths will go into an area and assess the needs of that particular muslim community and then to come up with a plan of action.

3.   Abdillah Williams Architecture have very kindly agreed to assist Madaris and Masaajids with plans for new or alterations to buildings. The fees for his consultation, drawing up of plans or acting in an advisory capacity will be at subsidized rates.

4.   To under Sheikh Najjaar’s leadership offer advice and counseling on marital problems .

5.   To supervise Feeding Schemes.

ICSA’s intention for Phase 2:

Additional rooms will be built – adjacent to ICSA Centre. These rooms will house  individuals who will attend to the various needs of the less fortunate in the following capacities:

1.   A Lawyer – on labour, Inheritance and Marriage.

2.   A Counsellor – on bereavement, trauma and abuse.

3.   Computer Empowerment Centre – Training will be provided on a fulltime basis to bring the world of  Computer Technology to the less fortunate.

All of these services will to a certain extent, be subsidized by ICSA

“In Allah we Trust and Upon Allah we depend”