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Sheikh Fuad started with the Islamic Council of South Africa on 1 March 2007 as an Halaal Inspector and Supervisor.


Shk Fuad services clients in the Mitchells Plain; Good wood, Diep River; Blue Downs; Parow;

Epping; Plumstead and Retreat .



Shk Fuad is married to Wagheeda and they have four children : Subghiah; Basheerah; Khaleed and Shuraigh.

Shk Fuad studied at Al Azhar University in Egypt. He is currently the Emaam of Masijidul Ameer in Ruyterwacht.

Shk Fuad’s inspiring message :

Sheikh Fuad is concerned about the disarray, dissention and fighting that currently prevails amongst our communities. His message to us is as follows:

Allah SWT says in The Holy Quran:

“Unity is The Message of The Holy Quran and it is therefore incumbent on the Ummah to live and conform to This Unity that Allah SWT speaks about” Ameen Yaa Rabb.

Rasullulah SAW said:

“The kind and generous person is near to Allah and therefor near to people and therefor near to Paradise and far away from the Fire”

“The stingy person – he is far away from Allah SWT and therefore far away from people and therefor far away from Paradise and close to the Fire “

“The ignorant generous worshipper is more loved by Allah than the worshipper who is not generous”