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Soraya Jacobs

Soraya started with ICSA on the 1st October 2012 and holds the posts as Administrator and Assistant to CEO of the organization. Soraya has extensive experience project administration and holds a Project Management Certificate.


Soraya was primarily brought on board to implement new administrative procedures, assist in updating the website and enhancing existing administrative correspondence. Compile procedure/information manuals for Inspectors. Liaise and consult with all the Inspectors and Supervisors locally. Attend to correspondence, hold motivational workshops with staff and Inspectors and Minute taking.

Soraya’s inspirational message to us:

Be Grateful

Whatever blows hit you, you have been given the greatest gift and blessing of all: Islam. It was not done because of any special merit on your part. You are not more worthy of Islam than a poor herdsman from Ethiopia, or a Japanese fisherman. It’s only the grace of Allah.

Be grateful for your ability to see and hear, and for the food on your table, and the roof over your head. You can’t imagine living without any of these things, but so many people do not have them! Focus on what you have been given, rather than what you have been denied.